In a world of "shortcuts" and "hacks", there are only a few ways to create sustainable audience growth and increased revenue. Remarkable marketing requires a great system. Here is my method to creating integrated marketing campaigns that reach more people and grow the bottom line. 


goals are my oxygen

I am obsessed with goals. In every project and meeting, my first question and my last is "What is the goal and how do me measure it?". Without a goal, it is impossible to grow your audience, reduce the cost of your marketing, or grow your revenue. A goal is such a simple tool, but it is vital to every marketing campaign. 


start with a sprint

In order to create remarkable results, you must be willing to try new things and fail fast. When I am creating a new marketing campaign or trying to optimize a landing page, I use a design sprint to help create fresh approaches and get instant feedback.  Using human-centered design, I can find out what the audience will respond to or identify new customer pain points that lead to opportunities for growth. 



Build to Learn, Measure everything

I believe the best decisions are driven by data and the best data comes from customers interacting with an ad or a product.  It takes work and practice, but data analysis helps me to discover not only what works but why it works. Prototyping content and campaigns not only saves you money, but it also results in learning that could not be discovered in a brainstorming session. 


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