When you are moving at the speed of culture you can't afford to have projects fall off track. As a fast growing agency, you need an Account Executive who has an eye for the details but doesn't lose sight of the goal. As a futurist, strategic marketer, and project manager, I have made it my focus to build what is next and help clients create great marketing on all fronts.   Here are some projects that I have lead that I think may relate to your vision. 

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Driving ideas forward from concept to final result. 

In 2015 I directed and designed a single-day Giving Tuesday campaign that resulted in over $100,000 in revenue and produced record traffic to the Biola's giving website. Although I lead the team, I made it my mission to keep the project simple but incredibly effective. I created a strategy that took advantage of the autoload video feature that was recently introduced on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help drive traffic to a custom designed landing page. This campaign was 100% digital, but it was seamless across multiple landing pages, social media platforms, and emails.  

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Print and Digital: Integrated 

In 2015 and 2016, I created an integrated marketing campaign for a 16 city event tour that leveraged both print and digital media to convert prospects in our database from prospects to registered guests. After redesigning the print invitation, launching the organization's first video header landing page, and creating targeted Facebook advertising, I was able to help grow attendance by 40% and increase our web traffic by 435%. I would love to help Grey Group's clients achieve similar results. 


The Complex, Simplified. 

In 2015, I oversaw and deployed a multi-tier printed invitation suite for an event used to launch the campaign for Biola University. The goal was to extend the marketing reach of the organization on a strict budget while maintaining a level of sophistication in the appearance of the invitations. I helped to introduce a new project management system that helped to keep our team on track while meeting our deadline. As a result of our efforts, this project generated nearly $4M in revenue and attracted over 1000 attendees. 



Let's create incredible marketing on all fronts. 


Great results are the product of hard work and planning ahead. What is more important are the people you work with to build a great company. Let's chat more to see if there are some projects that I can help with to make Grey Group the best agency on the both coasts.